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The weekly and daily charts of the S&P 500 both show periods of low ADX. This is a potential ADXplosive setup (from ADXcellence, Chapter 16). The low ADX conditions means the market is trendless at the moment, awaiting new information to set it on a new course. Look back to my prior post (Facebook) on the potential Head and Shoulders pattern in the S&P. It still appears to be playing out. (7.27.11)

What is ADXcellence?  

ADXcellence™ is a trend trading system developed by Dr. Charles B. Schaap (TraderDoc) and introduced in his book, ADXcellence ( The system is based on the ADX (and DMI) indicator which measures trend strength and direction. ADXcellence™ seeks to trade the strongest trends, thereby minimizing risk and achieving greater profits in a shorter period of time. (Read the Table of Contents by clicking here.)     ADX/ Directional Movement Index (DMI)


What is ADX?  Click here for a chart showing ADX/ DMI profit opportunity.


ADX is the Average Directional Movement Index which was created in by J. Welles Wilder. ADX is usually plotted in a chart window along with two DMI (Directional Movement Indicator) lines. ADX is mainly used to quantify trend strength. However, the unique combination of indicator lines also gives a visual representation of trend direction, momentum, and volatility.


How Does It Work? 


In his book, ADXcellence, Dr. Schaap presents new concepts for using ADX/DMI for trading the strongest trends (power trends). The book gives six well-defined strategies with detailed setups for trading power trends. Why use ADX? ADX tells us when the trend is strong and worth trading; it also tells us when the trend is too weak. The DMI lines give us a simple way to know when to be long and when to be short.


Is ADXcellence for Me?     Read Book Reviews. Click Here


ADX is a indicator found on most charting programs, and it is used by many professional traders. Dr. Schaap’s book presents the material in an easy to understand way, and beginners can also learn the material quickly. Advanced traders will find ADXcellence™ to be a great addition to their trading toolbox. It can be used as a stand alone system or combine with other approaches. ADXcellence™ works well for stocks, options, futures, and currencies.

 Average Directional Movement Index


How Do I Learn More?


The book is comprehensive, and you will have the tools you need after reading the material and studying the examples. This website posts educational charts for traders to study. For more information, you can email Dr. Schaap at




Learn everything about ADX, the Average Directional Movement Index

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