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Details: ADXcellence—Power Trend Strategies
Hard Cover: 272 pages   Publisher: (2006)
ISBN: 0-9777132-1-0
18 Chapters, plus Appendix


ADXcellence—Power Trend Strategies

Who is this book for? Experienced traders will find the information in ADXcellence to be more advanced. The book is intended for trend trading, especially for trend setups with the opportunity to trend higher and farther (Power Trends). The book presents six strategies which can be used for long-term investing or intraday trading, and the strategies will work on stocks, ETFs, futures, and Forex.


About ADXcellence

ADXcellence is a trend trading system developed by Dr. Charles B. Schaap and based on the ADXD/DMI indicator which measures trend strength, direction, and momentum.  The six trading setups described in ADXcellence are intended to take advantage of the strongest trends (quantified by ADX), thereby minimizing risk and achieving greater profits in a shorter period of time.

Section One of ADXcellence covers the ADX and DMI indicators. The ADX indicator was originally developed by Welles Wilder in 1987, but Dr. Schaap takes the indicator to a new level of understanding and interpretation.  The book also introduces new concepts, such as DMI Dominance, an essential key to understanding whether the buyers or sellers are in control. Dr. Schaap also describes the two new trade triggers which he developed for ADX/DMI.  

Section Two of the book covers the principles of trading Power Trends, including a review of trend structure and price patterns. There are important sections on trend momentum and volatility patterns as seen with the ADX/DMI i ndicator.

Section Three presentsfour, single timeframe strategies, while Section Four adds two additional strategies which are dual-timeframe based. Combining two timeframes is one way that traders can exploit Power Trends and capture big profits. There are numerous chart examples of each type of trade, and each trade is defined with specific criteria for entry.


 Comments from Readers


"First, I would like to thank you for the most excellent book that I've ever read on trading. It is very well and clearly written, and gives a reader the impression that the author held nothing back." - MT

 "This book is brilliant. I believe this is one of the best trading books I have read. Dr. Schaap has done a fantastic job of identifying a seemingly simple, yet profoundly powerful price indicator that I never understood. The language is not technical and should be an easy read for anyone. I believe it is the spendiest book I've ever purchased, but just like a good concert, you forget about the price and savor the experience."  (Rick , Las Vegas, NV)

 "...brilliant new book...this book should be the top one on any trader's list."  (L. H., Orcas, WA)

 “I have read a lot of books and none have had the impact on my trading like (ADXcellence)…Chapter 3 alone would have put an additional $19, 500 into my pocket. I can think of no better name for the book…ADXcellence…for that it is!  (T.S., Cleveland, OH)

 "It's terriffic!!!...what a great read! I know it is going to be such a success the more that people find out about it. This is serious stuff!"    (M. K.,  Baltimore, M.D.)

"The books takes you from A-Z orderly and clearly. Never before has this information with all the tips been so well expressed."       (L.S., Jacksonville, Florida)

"Awesome.The definitive book on the ADX indicator."    (S. F., New Haven, CT)





Acknowledgements                                                                       ix

Preface                                                                                           xi

Introduction                                                                                xiii


Section One—Power Trend Indicators


Chapter 1            ADXcellence                                                      3

Chapter 2            ADX/DMI Calculations                                  13

Chapter 3            DMI Xplained                                                 21

Chapter 4            ADXplained                                                    49


Section Two—Power Trend Principles


 Chapter 5            Power Trend Dynamics                                  81

 Chapter 6            Power Trend Momentum                             101

 Chapter 7            Power Trend Volatility                                 123


Section three—Power Trend Strategies


Chapter 8            Power Trend Principles                                 139

Chapter 9            Trading With Xcellence                                159

Chapter 10          ADXodus™                                                   171

Chapter 11          ADXtra™                                                      179

Chapter 12          ADXpress™                                                  187

Chapter 13          ADXtender™                                                197


 Section four—The Power of Time


Chapter 14          Xpanding Time                                             211

Chapter 15          Time Lines                                                     225

Chapter 16          ADXplosive™                                               235

Chapter 17          ADXquisite™                                                249

Chapter 18          ADXit                                                            263


Appendix                                                                                   269


About The Author                                                                     273

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