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Invest with Success--Big Profits for Small Investors

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Details: Invest with Success: Big Profits for Small Investors
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ISBN: 978-0-9777132-2-6
20 Chapters, plus an index and glossary (Table of Contents is listed below)


Invest with Success--Big Profits for Small Investors

Who is this book for?  Beginning investors will find most everything they need to know about how to invest online in stocks and ETFs, and the book will serve as a valuable resource as you gain experience. Experienced investors will find a simple, effective method to  for market timing, stock trades, and portfolio managment.

About Invest with Success

There are many investment books that give information about the stock market, but they don’t actually teach “how” to invest.  Investors usually end up reading numerous books to try and figure it all out, and they often end up feeling lost or overwhelmed. That is why Invest with Success is so unique—it teaches investors the core essentials of how to invest. The author has taken advanced trading concepts and presented them in an easy-to-understand format. The book presents a new and unique trading strategy for both market analysis and stock investing.

A key theme of the book is that anyone can learn to invest if they have the right information and the mindset to apply it; no prior investing experience is required. Beginning investors can read the book and being practice trading immediately. Experienced investors can quickly useInvest with Success as a guide to making money. Invest with Success is divided into three Parts—Mindset, Knowledge, and Plan.  Each part is an essential ingredient for successful investing, and together they comprise the “Trilogy of Success.”

Part One of Invest with Success covers mindset, or trading psychology. As the author states in Chapter 3, “Investing is simple; we are complicated.” Our mindset reflects our values, attitudes, and beliefs about the stock market. Mindset is the most important determinant of an investor’s success. Only with a proper mindset can investors use their knowledge and strategy to invest successfully. Invest with Success exposes many common myths about the market, teaches the reader how to avoid hype and opinions, and discusses how investors can keep their mind focused on what matters—making money and building wealth.

Part Two of the book is about knowledge. Investors must have a basic knowledge of how the market works and how to use technical and fundamental analysis. Unfortunately, the problem facing most investors is not the “lack” of information, but too much information. Invest with Success selects only the most important and essential principles that investors need to know. Every term, starting with a “price bar” is defined, and each section builds upon the information of the prior section.  Readers are given the tools to read stock charts objectively, so fear and emotion are reduced, and they can build confidence in their investment decisions. The book also covers topics generally not included in investment books, such as the business cycle and the stock cycle. Online tools for finding stocks are also presented in detail, with clear, step-by-step instructions. 

Part Three of Invest with Success is about having a trading plan and using a strategy that tells investors what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. The author says, “A novice with a plan is better than an expert without one.” This section of the book explains how to use online screens to identify potential investments, how to use the book’s strategy to make buy and sell decisions, and how to construct a balanced portfolio of stocks and ETFs. The author shows how to develop a master plan that fits each investor’s individual investment objectives.


Book Review

Reviewed by:          Edward Dobson, PresidentTraders Press, Inc. 


Investors looking for a long term trading plan, look no further. “Trader Doc”, author of ADXcellence, has done it again. In his latest book he provides an unambiguous, well defined, and precise approach that seems to make a lot of sense. Written in a straightforward, no-nonsense style, this book is, in my opinion, indispensable reading for any investor….rookie or veteran. Readers of Schaap’s first book, ADXcellence, a highly technical treatise and definitive guide to use of this technical indicator, will find his latest work equally valuable and intriguing, yet written on a level that can be easily understood and used by those new to investing, and at the same time valuable to seasoned veterans.

Dr. Schaap (formerly an M.D. turned trader) and his wife Candy are a husband-wife team that are both professional traders and trading mentors who teach others how to trade profitably through their website and a chat room service. Schaap’s literary efforts make his considerable talents and knowledge available to a much wider audience than their students, and provides much needed education to the average investor. This book is written in a manner that accomplishes a most difficult feat…entertaining while it educates, a style that I have seen before only in the works of Dr. Alexander Elder, a well-known speaker, trading educator, and author.

Schaap postulates that successful investing can only be achieved through a threefold approach, the “trilogy of success”, which encompasses a profitable mindset, knowledge of the market and how it works, and an organized plan. The first section of the book deals with the mindset…and this is some of the best material I have seen anywhere on the psychology of investing. One of the main themes is that investing is easy, provided that you do not think. Thinking leads to opinions, and the only opinion that matters is that of the market, as expressed in the price chart. Schaap’s philosophy is remarkably close to my own, after more than four decades of trading and observation of charts and markets. Throughout the book, I found myself thinking how “right” I felt the approach he teaches to be…and how valuable it would be to other traders to learn.

The core and primary theme of the book is Schaap’s “50-50” strategy, an organized, unambiguous, and straightforward approach to investing that encompasses stock selection, timing, and trade management. I won’t spoil the surprise by divulging the details of this approach here, but suffice it to say that I highly recommend that any serious investor learn this approach. Throughout the book, Schaap gives step-by step directions to do exactly what the title says, “invest with success”. He has a gift for explaining what might otherwise seem complicated matters very simply…and in a delightfully entertaining manner. The book is replete with “puns” and colorful metaphors, such as “try angles”, the “BIGS”, “from here to returnity”, “grow me the money!”, “the SPY is falling!”….

Schaap gives valuable sources of information available free of charge which the investor can use to implement his strategy. He gives step-by-step, keystroke by keystroke directions on exactly how to scan for the top stocks, top sectors, which stocks have the strongest “fundies” (fundamentals), and all the other steps involved in developing and maintaining a “watch list” of the best stocks to consider for investment using his “50-50” strategy when the timing is right. He gives valuable advice not only on what to do to invest successfully, but also on things not to do and to avoid like the plague. This is one of the most practical and useful books on investing I have ever read….and I have read literally thousands. I highly recommend that you get it, study it, and use what it will teach you. It just might make you rich.


Comments from Readers


WOW.......what a terrific book!  It's priceless and a soon-to-be classic for the trading and investing genre.
You two are a template for happiness and success.  Keep it up and THANKS for sharing with others.



WHAT A GREAT BOOK!!!!! Impossible for me to describe the value of all the information about which Doc writes- from understanding the market through the 50/50 system, to selecting great candidates, on to planning and keeping records (my weakness). If there is one book a novice trader or for that matter, anyone who wants to increase his/her wealth, should read, it is this book.
Invest with Success is a wonderful, informative, simple to understand, "how-to" book for successful investing. Simply Marvelous! My sincere thanks to both of you for publishing this book.   



Well, I have read IWS several times now, and I have got to congratulate the writer for an amazing book. First of all, I knew it would be a great book. However, I was not prepared for the departure from ADXcellence.

It is a extremely comprehensive work, something worthy of a course in college or in an advanced high school. Everything from the
binding to the easy-to-read print size (something few authors seem to care about) exudes careful thought and respect for the reader - I also know this doesn't make it cheap to publish.

It took me several readings to get a full grasp of the intention of the book. The deceptively easy 50-50 strategy has been very well fleshed-out, and even Van Tharp doesn't have as good of an explanation of maximum loss planning when putting on a trade.

I have a feeling this was a harder book to write than ADXcellence, since it covers a lot of ground. The review of psychological factors is just fantastic, again on par with the best works on this subject and much more approachable.

A reproducible strategy with a definable edge is given, and then basically all else is dependent on emotional control and position sizing.

Bravo! I know that I will more confidently implement the suggestions in the book. My twist on this might be to incorporate dual time-frames (a la ADXcellence), but I will resist the temptation to "mess with success."

You will enjoy and profit from reading and studying this book!

A. S.


Outstanding book for people who do not know anything about the investing in the stock market. The book starts out explaining the basics, but by the time you are finished with the book you will have the knowledge to Invest with Success!
You will also want to do to traderdocs website and sign up for the trade journal. Spend time going over all the information on the website and in the weekly trade journal.
READ the book!!! Paper trade!! It will take sometime to learn all the information, but once you understand you will succeed in the market!



If you enjoy making investing difficult than this book is not for you. Investing should be fun and profitable, and this book teaches you how to do that and it teaches you about the whole market. It tells you how to read the market and stocks to be profitable, also it tells you not just about charts but how to understand fundamentals, so now you understand both technical and fundamentals. This book is written for anyone that is interested investing in the stock market, it is for beginners and for pros, but if you don't care about investing, and just want to learn how to protect and make your 401K or IRA to grow than this book is even for you. Also the main benefit to this book compare to other books, is that it is so easy to understand and it doesn't require any financial background. Thank you Dr. Schaap for the wonderful books and educations that you provide


If you ever have any doubts about your skill level when it comes to researching a stock, buy this book. If you ever have any doubts about how to sell your positions, but this book. Buying is easy, getting out is hard.

I have been trading as a amateur for 20 years, and never have I ever felt a peace of mind with the whole process until I read this book. Charles and Candy Schaap have done us little people a great service and given us a great tool. So do yourself a favor and read the book.

To Charles who I have never meet, thanks for writing the book and my deepest sympathies go out to you for your greatest loss this past January when Candy left this world to start her second life. My God ease your pain.



Table of Contents







Part One



CHAPTER 2              THE INVESTOR 19

CHAPTER 3              PROFIT MINDSET 31

CHAPTER 4              RISK AND REWARD 39

CHAPTER 5              MARKET MYTHS 49


Part Two


CHAPTER 6             THE MARKET 61

CHAPTER 7             STOCKS 75

CHAPTER 8             THE CHART 91

CHAPTER 9             TOP PROSPECTS 103

CHAPTER 10           SCORE 121

CHAPTER 11           THE STOCK CYCLE 139



Part Three




CHAPTER 15           THE 50-50 STRATEGY 195


CHAPTER 17           THE PORTFOLIO 235

CHAPTER 18           MUTUAL FUNDS & ETFs 255

CHAPTER 19           THE MASTER PLAN 271

CHAPTER 20           TRY ANGLES 285



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