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Introduction to ADX (DVD)

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Introduction to ADX


Introduction to ADX is a 70-minute DVD and the companion resource to Dr. Schaap’s book, ADXcellence—Power Trend Strategies. The DVD covers the most important concepts in the book, and Dr. Schaap emphasizes the best uses of the ADX/DMI indicator. There are also few new topics which are not covered in the book.


DVD Table of Contents

Introduction to ADX and DMI

The Story of ADXcellence

DMI Principles

ADX Principles

ADX Momentum

ADX Volatility

Summary of Key Principles


FAQ: I already have Dr. Schaap’s book, ADXcellence. Do I need the DVD?

If you already have the book, you do not need to purchase the DVD, but viewers have found it very helpful. The benefit of the DVD is that Dr. Schaap pulls together all the major principles, provides emphasis and context, allowing the viewer to better understand the important concepts. If you are a serious ADX-indicator user, you will probably want the DVD.


FAQ: Is there anything new in the DVD which is not in the book?

Yes, Dr. Schaap covers a few new points about using ADX, especially using it for options trading. However, new information is not the main focus of the DVD.

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