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Invest with Success Using ETFs

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Dr. Schaap created the 5050 Strategy for managing and growing wealth in his book "Invest with Success" . Now you can learn to manage your portfolio independently or work with your financial advisor for the best results in any market, any asset class. ETF's are versatile and a tax efficient vehicle for using the power of the stock market. Dr. Schaap also shows a method to learn more about currency and futures trading using ETFs.

Dr. Schaap says, "Due to their many advantages, ETF's will replace mutual funds as the primary investment tools for retirement accounts and IRAs."  Get it now! This is a 2- set DVD program, hear Dr. Schaap explain how to use ETF's and make your money work for you.


1.      Introduction
2.      Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
3.      ETF Families
4.      Index and Sector ETFs
5.      Invest with Success Approach to ETFs
6.      ETFs in a Portfolio
7.      Trading and Investing in ETFs
8.      Trading Stocks in ETF Sectors

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