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One of the most important decisions to make as a  trader or investor is which stock charts to use. There are several free charting sites which are available, including,, and You will also be able to chart stocks at your brokerage website, such as If you are an occassional chart user, there is no need to pay for a service. But if you are serious about investing or trading, or if you want to advance your knoweldge and skills in reading charts, you will want to use a charting program that gives you high quality information and graphics and has more advanced features.

Dr. Charles Schaap's choice for stock charting is TeleCharts.

"I've been using TeleCharts for 11 years, and I wouldn't trade without it. In my opinion, it's the best charting software for stocks." (Dr. Schaap)



Chart Courtesy of Telechart (


PPO is a Great Xpectations stock from October, 2010. Notice the 50-50 Strategy Buy Alert which triggered earlier in the year (March 2010). This is a classic 50-50 stock, with a rising 50 MA and a strong RSI 20 (>50). The 50-50 Buy Alert in March was not a classic pullback entry because the stock was rising off of a sideways base where the 50 MA was moving sideways. For these entries, we use a different method which I cover in my advanced class on the Invest with Success methodology.However, the stock soon became a basic "High Riser" (see Invest with Success--Big Profits for Small Investors), and the later entry still managed to result in a 100% gain.

WNR is Western Refining Inc, which showed a strong weekly ADX of 55 (power trend). It now has an ADXtender trigger with the new high above the range pattern, and a new +DMI high.  The price target is $28.

-posted 7.8.11

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